Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Drama Queen Cupcake

Instead of your traditional frostings, use a simple meringue, and toast it with your culinary torch- what a fabulous "grown up" dessert!
Idea and photo from: Chockylit

To Sprinkle or Roll... that is the Question!

Instead of sprinkling your cupcakes, try rolling the tops in your favorite candy or nut topping. It gives it a great full coverage and consistant look!
photo from the cupcake station

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cupcakes of Catan

I am a big game fan. My current favorites are Ticket to Ride, Gang of Four, Quibbler, and- the classic- Settlers of Catan. My friend Michal ( came across this one and sent it my way. Fun huh? Check out QuintanaRoo's Photos:

For the Cupcake Diva in all of Us!

I found these at for sale on etsy- so fun huh?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Corn on the Cob

Here in California- the weather is Fabulous! It has me in th mood for BBQ's and cupcakes!! (of course)
As seen on the Martha Stewart show from Karen Tack- Author of "Hello Cupcake"- Photo from Makes 24 cupcakes or 8 "ears of corn"
Vanilla Frosting
Yellow liquid food coloring
24 Vanilla Cupcakes, baked in white paper liners
3 1/2 cups small yellow, cream, or white jelly beans, such as Jelly Belly
4 pieces yellow fruit chews, such as Laffy Taffys or Starbursts
1 tablespoon black decorating sugar
1 tablespoon white decorating sugar
8 sets of corn holders (optional)
Color the frosting pale yellow with food coloring.
Working with 3 cupcakes at a time, frost cupcakes with yellow frosting. Arrange 5 rows of jelly beans, close together, on each cupcake. Place the 3 cupcakes side by side on a corn dish or serving platter to resemble an ear of corn. Repeat process with remaining cupcakes, frosting, and jelly beans.
Cut the fruit chews into eight 1-inch squares. Soften the edges slightly by hand so that they look like melted butter. Place 1 square on top of each ear of corn. Sprinkle with sugars. Insert a corn holder in the end of each ear of corn, if using. Serve